How to active or deactive Outgoing Caller ID - Incoming Caller ID and Call Waiting

Hello friends,
 Today I will tell you some of the mobile code required.  You will definitely need it. Do not harm anyone by using these codes. Yes, you can have fun using these codes.
How to active or deactive, Outgoing Caller ID, - Incoming Caller ID, and Call Waiting,

Outgoing Caller ID:

* 31 # Dialing this code will show you Outgoing Caller ID, Service was Enabled. This means if you go to call someone now you will not see the call. Called Ended will show. This trick can be used not when you let your phone play with a child.
 How to fix it again tension is happening!  No Tension Re-dial # 31 #. This will disable Service.

Incoming Caller ID:

* 21 # Dialing this code will show you Call Forwarding Service was Enabled!
 This means that you will no longer receive calls. If anybody dials your number, the call will be cut off and you will not receive any call.
 You will need to dial # 21# to return to the previous state.

Call Waiting:

* 43 # Dialing this code will show you Call Waiting Service was Enabled! This means that if you give a call to another person while talking to someone on the phone, he / she will say Waiting. Many people have this service disabled, because when talking to one, the other calls him or shows Busy and you will not get his call again.  Dial # 43 # to get back in. This service benefits many.


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