Why blog, why write and read blogs, who can write blogs… ?? Details

Why blog, why write and read blogs, who can write blogs… ??  Details -

Why blog, why write and read blogs, who can write blogs… ??  Details -

Having a blog, writing a blog and reading a blog are all very important things.  Now that everything is internet dependent, we have almost forgotten to write in handwriting, writing notes or writing diaries.  And now blogs are widely used as alternatives.  Blogs can be different.  For example, personal, business, institutional, etc.

I am writing about the benefits that I feel about the blog:

1.  Suppose you are mastering a subject.  You have to know a lot of things to learn while reading.  But we humans cannot always remember everything.  It is not uncommon for this to happen.  You may have put some notes on the twenties, but you may have forgotten to take notes with you when you were traveling around, and it seemed that at that moment you needed some information in that note.  Since your mobile phone is now Internet-based, if you had a personal blog where you could write down notes on your topic, you would probably get the information right away.  Isn't that really a good point ... ??

2.  You can write on any topic.  Writing is definitely a good thing.  Your blog can be about technology, or literature, stories or poetry, as you wish.  However, one thing to keep in mind when writing is that it is better to let someone else know or learn from your writing, or to enjoy it.  It involves practicing your own artistic direction, and benefiting others as well.

3.  In many private companies, they target certain candidates to verify the people they are hiring for.  For example, whether you have a blog or website of your own, whether you are affiliated with the social network, or how much of an updated mindset you are, they also check the internet.  That means it's working as a good recommendation in the career world.

Now come on, who can write a blog…? :

There are no rules preventing blogging.  No matter what you study, blogging is open to you.  Just have to be patient and work hard.

Now technically, why is it important to have a blog… ?? :

Suppose you learned something from a website or a tutorial blog.  In fact, you might have applied.  Now you have a problem with doing this.  You can't do that.  Then you wrote your comment on that blog.  But they did not respond.  You thought, nah this blogger's very cool, not a good person at all.  But they may not have the time to actually respond.  And so you have to keep up with many types of blogs.  Because no one will give you the answer.  And then you got your solution.

 So don't ever think, that you have a lot of writing on programming or the blog you want to write about, what else will I write.  In fact, there is a need for writing.

 For those who are new to this, many may not know where to find a blog, or who will open a blog or how to open a blog ???  There are many types of websites on the Internet that allow me to start a blog or website.  They do not have to pay any money for this.  And you don't have to know any coding.  Such as wordpress, blogspot, blogger etc.  If you know the programming or markup languages ​​such as html / css, then you can create a website of your own by code.  However, I will write about it some other day.

 So keep blogs, write and read

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  1. I certainly love to blog and write for my poly students, especially those who are looking for help with assignments and tutorials