Finally “ Ahamed Rafid ” has released his first album ' Rafid's November '

Ahamed Rafid first album ' Rafid's November :

Ahamed rafid album
Ahamed Rafid

Country's music scene has always been filled with new artists. The repertoire of songs has been enriched. New artists always give the audience all the great songs. One such young musician is Ahamed Rafid. Ahamed Rafid's instrumental album 'Rafid's November' has just been released, which has already resonated with audiences at all levels.

Ahamed Rafid is a young musician from Bangladesh. In 2016, he released his 1st track "HipHop Kahini". He made this track with some music director of Bangladesh. Since then he has been working and collaborating with several artists and band groups. In November 2020, he released his first album “Rafid's November”, an energetic and instrumental album that launches his new career as a musician. Ahamed Rafid also try to doing some "EDM".

The link of 'Rafid's November' album:

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