Md Rokib Ahmed has released his new song Dishehara mon

Md Rokib Ahmed new song "Dishehara mon".

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"Dishehara mon" was going to released in 2020 but because of coronavirus pandemic it was postponed. The song all work was completed in November 2020. 

Md Rokib Ahmed's this song is having a good responsed among the people. "Dishehara mon" is now available in all music platforms. He hopes that this song will became more successful. Thinking of his fans he  organised this song differently. 

He always gave his fans something different. He works thinking of his fans. He gained love by his son 'Rong ruli'. He always works by taking long time. He says his love for music was since his childhood. When i dedicated something to my fans they will love it. 

His careers long time was  passed by music. He said This year he is working on 2 more songs. "Aradona" and "sagorer tire" .  He said this year's last period he will release thia two new songs. "Dishehara mon's" arising new ways for songs. His friends and family always helped and support through his music career. 

He gained so much from the music world. Beside that Md Rokib Ahmed wants to take love from his fans throughout his life Gifting new songs. For his inspiration he wants love and well wishes from everyone. Keep him in your prayers.

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